Graphic Design Undergrad Curriculum (36sh)

Note: DES 222 (a grade of B or better is required), a grade of C- or better is required in all other Major, Major-Related and Prerequisite course work.

  • DES 222: Graphic / Information Design I (3sh)
  • DES 225: History & Design of Typography (3sh)
  • DES 322: Graphic/Information Design II (3sh)
  • DES 325: Digital Imaging/Motion Graphics I (3sh)
  • DES 326: Digital Imaging/Motion Graphics II (3sh)
  • DES 419: History of Design (3sh)
  • DES 425: 3D Imaging for Graphic/Information Design (3sh)
  • DES 436: Graphic/Information Design III (3sh)
  • DES 438: Graphic/Information Design IV (3sh)
  • DES 499: Comp Applications for Graphic Info Design (3sh)
  • MKT 306: Advertising & Promotion (3sh)
  • Directed Elective Approved by your Advisor (3sh)

Additionally Required:

  • ART 110: Introduction to Art History (3sh)
  • ART 130: Drawing I (3sh)
  • ART 224: Illustration I (3sh)
  • MKT 295: Fundamentals of Marketing (3sh)
  • COMM 230: Introduction to Mass Media (3sh)

NOTE: Courses counted in your major may not be double counted or double placed in the Minor, Concentration or Major Related Areas

  • Standard Minor or Major-Related Courses (18sh)
  • Approval of Advisor Required
  • (9sh) at the 300-400 level at CCSU
  • General Electives (7-15sh)
  • A total of 120 semester credit hours are required to obtain a BA in Graphic Information Design

(Open to Design Majors only for Directed Elective or Major Related)

DES 437: INTERNSHIP - Design placements are available with professional Graphic Design Studios, Advertising Agencies, Publishers (print or web), Corporate Design Departments and Multimedia Design Companies. Upper level students are selected for participation by portfolio.

DES 439: CENTRAL DESIGN - Upper level students may apply to participate in our award winning, for-credit, student-operated full-service design studio. The Central Design Studio, under faculty supervision, provides design services to selected real world clients. Open to majors only. Prereq: DES 326 and DES 436 (both with grades of C- or higher) as well as a letter of intent and portfolio review are required.

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